Design matters, now more than ever…

Design …And more than almost anything.

That’s because it is so ubiquitous. And there are generations who have grown up using the beautiful but simple interfaces of Twitter, Canva, Buffer.

So design has become a large part of the user experience. If you don’t have beautiful design, you’re dead in the water. People will click away in a heartbeat.

Great design is no longer optional. It’s expected. And your web customer will judge you, more than ever, on the value they attribute to you. Give them crappy images, give them illogical formatting, give them an ugly page and they will blame you for that assault on their eyeballs.

And then they will go to another site that has invested in beautiful design. And spend their money.

Strong and positive brand recognition requires sleek and beautiful design matters for the audience. Do it better than your competitors and reap the rewards.

Design Matters

Design Matters-1-1 Buffer

Written by Raeleen  |  3 April 2020