Want to be inspired?

Back in the day, Cool Homepages was the one and only place for design inspiration. Now, you can’t spit without hitting some form of design inspiration. It really is all around us. We don’t like to limit ourselves to just looking at design websites so we keep our eyes open and notice all sorts of things – books, magazines, signs, corporate identities, logos…See? Told you it was everywhere!

But when we’re getting super focused and we need some ideas, and we want to avoid falling in to the common design pitfalls, here are six great places to find inspiration:

1. Pinterest

We use Pinterest a lot. We like it because it’s easily searchable, and you can save the pins you’re interested in, and file them on different boards so they’re easy to find later. We also like to use hidden boards to create a mood board for clients when we’re working on concepts for a new campaign. If you love a bit of style inspiration, check out Mettro’s Pinterest boards – with ideas from colour palettes and typography to user experience and branding.


2. Behance

This platform is a go-to showcase for creatives to share what they’ve been doing – and therefore, it’s a treasure trove of inspiration where you can see the latest and greatest design from around the globe.

Design Inspiration - Behance

3. Dribbble

Similar to Behance, Dribbble is a show and tell for web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers and other creative types to share what they are working on. They take screen shots that show their work, process and current projects.

Design Inspiration - Dribbble

4. Awwwards

This site is a great place to find award-winning work by talented web designers, developers and agencies around the word. There is also space for ‘respectful critiques’ and to share knowledge and experience.

Design Inspiration - Awwwwards

5. Panda 4

This plug-in for Chrome pulls in a newsfeed stream with content for designers, developers and entrepreneurs. The tool aggregates content from sources like Hacker News, Product Hunt and Dribbble.

Design Inspiration - Panda 4

6. Theme Forest and Creative Market

We love to browse through anywhere that sells logos, templates and design work. These are two of our favourites.



These sites are a great place to start, but like I said, inspiration is everywhere. You just need to notice it!

Written by Raeleen  |  3 April 2020