Website design without coding, is it possible?

We’re seeing more and more incredible advances in web with editors and content management systems so sophisticated that coding is no longer needed, website design without coding.

It’s exciting times!

We have highly experienced developers on staff and even we are excited.


Well here’s the thing…

Web design is so much more than just code. It’s about the person who is engaging with the website, what they want to achieve and how they find the site in the first place.

Web design is about customer experience.

It’s ‘leads don’t sleep’, engagement with customers.

It’s how businesses and their websites are found by their customers.

It’s how websites convert potential customers into actual customers.

It’s about goals and conversions.

The exciting thing about becoming an industry that is less reliant on code is not that ‘anyone can do it’ but that we are now concentrating on our end customer.

Everything we do is about the end customer and how we as a business can add value to them. And in return, they can be our customer for life.

That takes skill. It’s where the real skill is at. It’s what we do.

Come chat with us.

Written by Raeleen  |  3 April 2020