So you want to rank No.1 on Google.

But everyone’s giving you different advice about how to get there. So what’s the real story? Is ranking No.1 all it’s cracked up to be?

A few years ago we actively chased Google… in other words, search engine optimised our little hearts out!

We created yummy content, we reviewed and tweaked our website for meta-data and all of the SEO must do’s.

We paid a tonne to do it and we got our No.1 ranking on Google for the keywords and phrases we were searching.

Woohoo! We were high fiving ourselves.

But what did it mean?

We can tell you what it didn’t mean. It didn’t mean leads. Without a shadow of a doubt, we can say that absolutely no more leads came in during that period than any other period.

Would we do it again. Hell no! But that’s just us. For us, the mix of marketing is the most important thing.

Our goal is leads… to create a marketing engine that generates prospects, potential clients that want to work with us.

That’s important! Because our goal is not to be No.1 on Google. That means nothing, nada, diddly squat to us.

Don’t get us wrong, if we were getting leads in the door and we did that by being No.1 on Google then hells yeah, that’s great!

But it’s leads first. Goal first.

Make your goal something that turns into either business growth or revenue generation. Then and only then look at the marketing vehicle/s you’ll use to get there.

We’ve got an awesome customer experience audit that will tell you exactly what your goals should be and the vehicles you’ll need to use.

Come chat with us, no obligations, no BS, no fuss.

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Written by Raeleen  |  3 April 2020