Mobile Optimisation – Mobile first has been a hot topic for a few years now, but is it sinking in? Are people following through on the mobile first concept or are they failing pretty badly?

Most of our client’s websites are running at over 65% mobile users. We know this because we take the time to look at the data.

October 2016 is the official date that worldwide mobile traffic overtook desktop. The world went mobile 3 years ago and yet most businesses are still designing, viewing and testing their websites on desktop computers.

It’s time to push the desktop computer to the side and start viewing your websites first on your mobile device.

Client engagement

Think mobile first when engaging with your customers. Check your data first, look at the breakdown and speak to them on the platform they are visting the most.

Designs for Mobile Optimisation

Design for mobile first, then desktop and other devices. Test your designs!


If you have a CMS, like WordPress, test your content entry before you publish it live. Make sure it looks good, reads well and interacts properly on mobile.


Understand in your advertising strategies that mobile usage is a dominant player. Pick strategies that suit mobile.


Create social graphics that work for mobile.

Mobile Optimisation Development

Develop for mobile first, then scale up. Test. Test. Test.


Yep, QA mobile first, using mobile devices where possible, and emulate as a fallback.

Make the change to mobile friendly. Your customers will thank you for it.

We’ve got a comprehensive customer experience audit we conduct for clients. It’s chock full of recommendations and tailored to your individual needs. Talk to Raels about it! 

PS. Yes, yes, we know the new trend is device agnostic. Let’s start with mobile first… get that right… then work from there. We’re here to help.

Written by Raeleen  |  3 April 2020