Client Persona – Ever been in a meeting and at one end you have the hipster sprouting all of the latest ‘bright and shiny object’ buzz words and at the other end the techno-nerd is throwing out acronyms so fast it’s like a jackhammer in your ears?

It’s tough because these days there is SO SO SOoooo much to digital. Every day we work with tonnes of acronyms and see stacks of different and new things.

Persona – Every . Single. Day!

Here’s the thing… with all of our nerdiness and collective opinions on the latest and greatest tech we too can sometimes get caught up in it all. Our check and balance is the thing we ask ourselves every time we start a project. ‘Who is the dream client.’

We name them and we speak about them as if we know them.

What would Wendy think?

Would Wendy do that?

We’ve spent a lot of time with Wendy so we kinda know her well.

Talking tech, being nerdy, knowing all of the latest and greatest stuff is part of what we do but tempering that with always thinking of the dream client’s persona is our ‘home’.

Come chat with us, no obligations, no BS and unnecessary buzz words, no fuss.

Written by Raeleen  |  3 April 2020