The first step after you open your WordPress account

Once you have an account for your WordPress site, you will need to log in to create content, edit users and do many more administration functions for your website.

Once you have you have your login and password details, open the browser of your choice and navigate to:

htttp://<your website address>/wp-admin

How to log in to WordPress

This is the address for your WordPress administration panel and will take you to the login page similiar to the below image.

login and logout of WordPress

  1. Here you enter your login details as provided to you by your site administrator.
  2. Enter your password, remember as this is a password field, the characters will be hidden from you for extra security.
  3. If you want WordPress to remember your login and password next time you want to log in, make sure the “Remember Me” check box is selected.
  4. Once you’re sure your details are correct, select the Log In button.
  5. We all forget our passwords. If you have forgotten, selecting the “Lost your password?” link will send you to a screen that will help you reset your password.

How to log out of WordPress

To log out of WordPress, navigate to the same URL as that used for logging in:

htttp://<your website address>/wp-admin

If you’re already logged in, this will take you to your WordPress administration area. On the top right of any page in the administration area is a message with your name and a welcome message (this message may vary).

login and logout of WordPress -1-1

Hovering over this message will reveal a drop down menu with a Log Out link. Selecting this link will log you out of WordPress on all browsers and computers.

That’s it, you’re logged out. Remember to go to htttp://<your website address>/wp-admin any time you want to log back in.

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Written by Archie  |  3 April 2020