Keep your WordPress site secure

It’s always a good idea to periodically change your password to keep your website as secure as possible. WordPress makes this process easy by automating a lot of the process for you.

How to change a WordPress password

There are two ways to change your WordPress password. Which method you use will depend on whether you have remembered your log-in details.

Method 1

The first is via the Administration area of your WordPress website. If you’re already logged in you can change your password details in the profile editing screen. Check out our How to update your profile in WordPress post for more details on this process.

On your profile screen, if you scroll down the page you will notice an Account Management area. Here you can generate yourself a new password by selecting the “Generate Password” button as show highlighted in red below.


Selecting this button will generate a secure password for you automatically. If you can, try to stick to these secure passwords to ensure your account remains safe from unwanted access, but if you want to change it, you can overwrite what is provided with your own.


WordPress provides a visual clue as to how secure the password is via a coloured message.

Method 2

The second way to change your password is via the same screen you log in to your website with. When you’re not logged in, navigate to:

Here you will see a link for users who have “Forgotten Password”. Selecting this link will send you to a screen that will start the process of WordPress generating a new password for you.


  1. Enter your current username or password, either of these will work.
  2. Selecting “Get New Password” will generate an automated password and will email the instructions to you.
  3. Changed your mind? Select “Log in” to go back to the log in screen.

There you have it. Changing your password is a straightforward process, and doing it regularly will keep your site a step ahead of those who might want to break in.

Written by Archie  |  3 April 2020