Share posts from Twitter quickly and easily in your post

Twitter – In an age where communication occurs across multiple media, the use of social media is becoming an ever-increasingly important part of a business’s content strategy.

Sharing these updates with your readers in WordPress has become as easy as copying and pasting a link into your WordPress content editor.

Adding a tweet from Twitter to your content is a simple three-step process.

  1. Copy a tweet’s link
  2. Paste it into the WordPress content area
  3. Save your content

1. Copying a tweet’s link

To copy a tweet to paste into your content, find the tweet you are after, and select the “More” menu as indicated by the three horizontal dots as shown below.

Twitter 1

Select the More menu, then select “Copy link to Tweet” and copy the link that is provided in the popup window. This is the link you will want to copy into your WordPress editor window.

2. Embedding a Twitter Post into your content

Once you have the link for the tweet you want to share, WordPress makes embedding the tweet as easy as copy and paste.

To embed the tweet, past the tweet link you copied in the previous step, and watch as WordPress converts the link into an embedded Tweet right inside your content editor window.

Twitter 1-2

3. Save your work Twitter Post Content

Now ensure you select “Update” or “Schedule” to save your content, and you now have an embedded tweet ready to enrich your content.

Written by Archie  |  3 April 2020